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Show Me Syndicate

Team SME is actively seeking Owners and Partners who will enjoy the journey of developing an event horse, the thrill of competition and the rewards that come with building a team through training, hard work and fun! With syndication never before has it been easier and more affordable to team up with a talented horse and an experienced rider, trainer and coach. Under the guidance of the very best riders/trainers in the world.


What is syndication?

Horse syndication has been around for decades in the thoroughbred horse racing industry. Syndication enables a much broader base of supporters, from all walks of life, areas and interests, to have direct involvement and impact on the development of a horse at the upper levels of the sport. Often viewed as a form of entertainment, there is the possibility of your horse’s value appreciating considerably, however the goal will be centered on developing a horse for 5* competition and representing Team USA at international events.

By joining a horse’s team through syndication you are mitigating the risks associated with ownership and reducing the monetary outlay both upfront and in continuing care costs. The best part is, there is a syndication entry level for everyone and anyone! Joining a syndicate opens up participation to a much wider community of fans and supporters as well as builds a healthier and stronger sporting community.

Buying upfront shares are determined by a combination of factors but primarily on the number of shares offered and level of experience of the horse. Typically, the horse’s value gradually increases as his or her career develops… this is what makes ownership of a young prospect so exciting; you get to be a part of your horse’s growth, development and success. As not every horse will live up to its potential, the decision may be made to sell the horse and return the current value of each share to each owner or roll the money over into a new horse.

The on-going maintenance costs, which include but are not limited to; board, feed, vet bills, insurance, farrier, and shipping, remain fairly consistent through the horses career. Donations are 100% tax deductible according to IRS Code Section 501(c)(3).

Who is part of the Team?

The Syndication will be comprised of 10 members, in addition to Jennarose in the saddle, the horse will have some of the finest care in the world provided by the award-winning SME staff, veterinarians, chiropractors, farriers and an amazing family of sponsors.

In order for me to reach these goals I need the support from each of you, if you so choose, to help me shoot for the stars! 5 stars to be exact… Utilizing Karen O'Connors extensive knowledge of business, the Eventing sport, horse syndication/co-ownership and producing young horses to the highest level I hope to bring each of you along in my journey to the top. Karen will help me design and build the syndicate, find the horse and train both of us on our journey.

Why now? With my sights on the future and plans for what is to come, now is the perfect time! Prim is achieving all the goals set out for us, despite many setbacks, we are competing at the CCI2* level with our sights set on an Intermediate move up soon.  I’m actively looking for the next horse to take me all the way!

Please reach out to me privately with any questions and if you are interested in learning more about becoming a part of The Show Me Syndicate. 

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